Norwich Antiques

Here at Stiffkey we love antiques. Everybody here got into the business because we love finding objects that have a story behind them, items that have been passed down from generation to generation, or have become lost in jumble sales only to be rediscovered decades later.

That’s part of the reason why we love being based in Norwich. Not only is there a thriving community of antiques collectors and traders here, there are also centuries of history and craftsmanship to the city that mean it is often a great hunting ground of great bargains and hidden treasure troves.

A Fine History

These days you might think of Norwich as a quiet place, a fine city indeed, but somewhere for tea rooms and second hand bookshops more than a home of political intrigue and bloody battles. But Norwich has been around for hundreds of years, and it that time it’s been the stage for plenty of history.

From the time Boadicea to Kett’s Rebellion, to the Hell Fire Club holding regular meetings at what is now a popular Wetherspoons, to Hitler’s rumoured admiration for the City Hall, Norwich’s history is far from uneventful. Considering the city has so much history it’s not surprising that there’s a thriving market in antiques here.

A City of Craftsmen

As well as being the site of centuries of history, Norwich has also made a home for many renowned craftsmen, such as the 18th century clockmaker Edward Brown, whose handy work you can see in a short video clip below:

It’s also the site of lots of superb examples of historic architecture, from the city’s two cathedrals and its guildhall, to the wonderful Dragon Hall. Throughout the city you can see the antique mingling with the modern.

A Great Place to Shop

Every month Norwich’s St. Andrew’s and Blackfriars’ Halls are home to an award winning antique fair that has been running since 1975. Meanwhile, every Thursday there’s the free-to-enter Cloisters Fair at the Friends’ Meeting House on Upper Goat Lane.

The high streets and back streets of the city are full of potential treasure troves for the opportunistic bargain hunter, ranging from charity shops, to Looses Antiques Market on Magdalen Street, to the many shops tucked away on Elm Hill. On the other hand, if you aren’t looking to buy there’s plenty to see in the museum at Norwich Castle – including an extensive and fascinating selection of antique teapots!

Whether you’re looking for artefacts dating back to Victorian times, or just something a little retro to give your home some period chic, there’ll be somewhere in Norwich that can help you out.