Reproduction Antique Bathroom Accessories

In the beginning we found it relatively easy to source antique bathroom accessories, but in recent years, it's become much harder to find items of the quality that we expect as standard. In response, we have developed our Victorian and Edwardian Accessories - a range of one-off designs, together with our Empire Collection, a matching set that provides continuity for your antique bathroom.

Our reproduction vintage bathroom accessories are authentic copies with no 'improvements' or unnecessary alterations. We haven't 'over-Victorianised' or embellished any aspect – instead, our products are as true to the antique designs as possible.

Our bathroom accessories have handmade castings and lathe-turned parts, and are all hand polished to a high finish. After being closely inspected, they are then chrome or nickel plated or left polished brass, a finish most manufacturers do not offer. If you would like to find out more about our designs, please contact us.