We strongly recommend the following after care instructions are read and duly noted in order to enhance the longevity of the finish. Please note, these instructions are common sense and apply to most bathroom furniture.

When filling the bath, start off with cold water. This will prevent extreme expansion of the enamel.

Never use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads on the bath. Please use washing up liquid and a soft dish cloth.

Always towel dry the bath after use thus preventing the build up of mineral deposits present in water. Baths should be installed so all water drains away, however sometimes 'ponding' oceurs in old baths and as before this should be towel dried. It is important that the bath should remain dry between use; therefore dripping taps should be attended to promptly.

To avoid chipping or scratching the bath, sharp or heavy objects such as tools(used by plumbers) toys, jewellery, glass bottles ete should be kept safely away from the bath. Never wash your dog in the bath. If the bath is accidentally chipped or scratched, it should be repaired before it is used again, as water will be absorbed into the undercoats and in time cause the area to lift. Don't worry, one of the benefits of acrylic enamel is that it can be easily repaired in situ. We are always happy to supply a DIY chip repair kit or recommend a professional repairer.

Do not use chemicals, dyes, hair treatments or rubber mats on the surface. Some bath oils can cause damage over a period of time.